1ClickUpgrade is developed by internet entrepreneur, Patric Chan, under the Internet Mastermind company. Before 1ClickUpgrade was released publicly to the internet, it was tested by Patric for 12 months and proven to increase his business revenue. It was initially created because he needed a ‘system’ to offer more products for his customers to buy in a single transaction but there weren’t such tool available.

Patric Chan has been marketing on the internet for the past 7 years now in various of niche markets and taught thousands of people how to promote online businesses.

Patric Chan, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker & Internet Entrepreneur

How It Works

1ClickUpgrade allows you to give your customers an “option” to get more products from you along with their initial purchase if they want at the point when they are about to click on the “Purchase Now” button. If the customer decides to get the option offered to them as well, you’ve just increased your sales revenue.

You can add any type of offer you like (even if they are from different products or affiliate programs you’re promoting) and there are other value added features included that allows you to track your conversion and calculate your profits instantly. In addition, the software maintenance is absolutely free because the system is hosted in our dedicated server and we have our technical team on standby for any technical issues.